Salon-de-Provence greeters

The concept

Are you planning to spend time in or around Salon-de-Provence?   Greeters will welcome you in “their” Salon.

Greeters are volunteers who live and/or work in Salon-de-Provence and who will show you their town , which they know like the back of their hand, for free !   Take advantage of their anecdotes , during an unusual type of visit , all off the beaten track  !


The idea is not a new one and even less a unique one  !   The very first group was formed by Lynn Brooks in 1992 in New York .  Today , the concept is spread across all 5 continents and is ever on the increase .

Salon-de-Provence greeters is a member of logo-GGN-rgb  

All Greeters across the world share the same core values, decreed by the Global Greeter Network (GGN) .

1)Greeters are volunteers, a friendly face for those visiting a city/destination

2) Greeters welcome individuals and may serve small groups of up to six people

3) Meeting a Greeter is free of charge

4) Visitors are welcomed without any kind of discrimination.

5) Greeter programs support sustainable tourism. Programs respects natural and man-made environments, it brings both cultural and economical enrichment to the local communities. Programs aim for a lasting positive image of each destination.

6) Greeter programs create a mutually enriching opportunity for cultural exchange, create links between ordinary people in creating a better world

Portraits of the Salon-de-Provence Greeters

Why choose a Greeter for your visit  ?

For the exception aspect

A Greeters is not a conference-type guide .  Rather , he adapts his itinerary and explanation according to your expectations , your questions .   Thus , you are guaranteed a personalized visit .

For meeting and sharing

 A Greeters is a volunteer and is especially motivated by the wish to share and show you his “Salon” , through his own vision , his daily life there ,  mixing anecdotes and historical facts .

For authenticity

In sharing the town life , a Greeters integrates you into Salon-de-Provence’s culture, and so permits you to more easily understand the “Provençal identity”  .   Also , the visits are organized in small groups (6 people maximum) thus enabling you to enjoy closer contact with the Greeters .

NB  :   We insist on that it’s a thematic walkabout and not a guided tour  .   Greeters have a wealth of knowledge but they are not historians .  Their explanations are , above all , the story of the town , supported with anecdotes .


Settled in Salon-de-Provence area for 40 years , I have for long wanted to share the love of my adopted city .

Member of the Friends of St Jacques of Compostela , I regularly welcome pilgrims with whom I already visit the city in a Greeters spirit .

Born in Marseille , I have always lived in the south of France . I am deeply rooted in this beautiful Provence typically represented in Salon-de-Provence .

Fountains , architecture , history … I’m offering you a different way of to discover all the atmosphere of local life in this amazing city with its rich culture and the high quality of its “terroir.”



  • Old stones and heritage
  • Historical center
  • Lifestyle in Salon
  • gastronomy
  • Traditions of Provence

Spoken languages:French, spanish

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My family has lived in Salon-de-Provence for several generations .

I used to run a butcher shop in the city center.  I am now retired and I am involved with the Friends of Saint Jacques of Compostela.

In 2013, I travelled on The Way from the Puy en Velay to Santiago.

I like meeting new people, tchatting ,exchange  It’s very rewarding and informative.



  • Our shepherd heritage
  • Olive trees, olive orchards, oil mills.
  • Adam de Craponne (to me , one of the most important characters in the XIV century).
  • Fountains
  • Soap ( works and  the mansions related to the former soap industry of “Savon de Marseille”

Spoken language : French


Established in Salon de Provence for 40 years I quickly got involved in the cultural community .

President of the Friends of Saint Jacques of Compostela  hiking occupies my spare time . I invite you to explore this city that I love from the paths of the nearby hills .

“Salon” viewed from above , read through its history  its “terroir” and its agriculture …


themes :

  • Talagard hills hiking (point of view of the city from above)
  • History an demography of Salon
  • Landscape reading
  • Legends and traditions of Provence
  • “Terroir” and Agriculture
  • Mediterranean Plants


Spoken languages : French, Provencal, Spanish, Catalan



I have been an inhabitant of Salon-de-Provence as a teacher first for 25 years .

I’m now retired and involved in the association promoting cycle routes end greenways in Provence-Alpes Côte-d’Azur . A few pedal strokes from the tourist Office , passing across the rich neighbourhood of former soap merchants’ mansions , the countryside of “la Crau” spreads its fields of AOC hay  maintained green thanks to the miraculous irrigation work of Adam de Craponne and his channels .

I can suggest several tours of various  lengths on small quiet roads . You will be able to gaze upon the Alpilles mountains and  will discover the typical countryside of Salon-de-Provence , a land of sheep flocks and “Coussouls”, typical stones,  witnesses of the old river  flowing through the plain .




  • Discovery of Salon-de-Provence and its whereabouts by bike
  • Agriculture and pastoralism in the Crau
  • Mansions of soap producers


Spoken language : French


I’ve been living in Salon de Provence since 1992 and I enjoy it .

I’m interested in the evolution of the city  and,  thanks to the work of  some   specific associations , I  still always discover new elements of its past.

I also have some  neophyte knowledge on the local flora and fauna.

I am fond of sharing these discoveries with  people  (friends or family ) either by bike or through an urban walking in the close neighborhood.


  • walkabout in the historical center
  • Discovery of Salon-de-Provence and its whereabouts by bike

Spoken language : French





The visitor

–   is spending time in Salon-de-Provence (business or pleasure) for at least 1 day

–   wishes to discover a town away from the classic tourist circuits, giving him the opportunity to meet the local inhabitants

–   is easy to reach , especially by e-mail

–   is aware of the Salon-de-Provence Greeters charter before going on such a visit.

NB  :  The number of visitors in a group cannot exceed 6 people on any one tour .  If a child participates to the tour, he should be supervised by an adult.    If more than 1 child participates , then 2 accompanying adults is necessary .

How to book a tour

–   Send your request at least 4 working days before your arrival ,  only with the application form .  As applicable ,  you can also indicate your preference for one or several Greeters in the “comments” section .

–   You will receive a confirmation of receipt and consequent follow-up by the tourist office .

–   If a Greeters suiting your request is available , this person will contact you directly.


In making such a tour request , this implies that you are aware of the Salon-de-Provence Greeters charter .

How to prepare your visit

1st , 15th , 50th stay in Salon-de-Provence  ?   Before coming , take the time to consult the website and Facebook page of the tourist office, and download the Salon-de-Provence app .  Hotels , restaurants , tours , tips, and local events are listed in order to help you organize your stay in the best possible way .

Upon arrival , please do not hesitate to come to the tourist office and ask for maps and documentation from our operating agents .

Are you perhaps seeking to know the historical and architectural details of our town ?  If so , a conference-type guide is the most apt for this type of request .  Please contact the tourist office for information .

To make a greeter request

Greeters are ready to meet you .  It is for you to choose the visit theme you wish to take up .  Please see the application form for more details on the “center of interest” you may choose.

To give you an idea , and possibly help you to be specific in your request , please consult the description of our Greeters under the heading  ” Portraits of the Salon-de-Provence Greeters



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