Michel De NOSTREDAME – (1503-1566) Doctor and Astrophile
Nostradamus: “We give what belongs to us”.

This is the translation of Nostra Damus, the name which Michel De Nostradame chose, marking his quest for knowledge and his intention of bringing it to as many people as possible. This motto applies as much to Mankind as it does to Salon which cultivates the passing on of knowledge.
An emblematic figure of the Renaissance, Nostradamus, was born on 14 December 1503 in Saint-Rémy de Provence, settled in Salon at the age of 44 (in 1547) and stayed there until he died on 2 July 1566.

With a fluent mastery of Latin, Greek, Hebrew and even Italian, he was above all a doctor.  At a time when the only remedy  against the plague was “go quickly far away and come back much later”, he was among the first to offer aseptic measures.
A “Doctor-Astrophile”, following the humanist movement, he studied every ailment and every part of the body according to the position of the constellations and planets.  It was this study of astrology which led him to have his well-known “Centuries” printed in 1555; prophecies to which he still owes his mysterious reputation as a visionary today.
Above all loyal to his desire to hand down knowledge, he was quick to use the very new invention of printing to circulate his writings.