Salon-de-Provence Greeters Charter

In continuing a Policy of local , the Tourist Office of Salon-de-Provence wishes to integrate the tendancy of participatory tourism , carried out by a group of Greeters .   The Toursit Office hopes to respond to the present tourist-oriented demand , based on authenticity and unique experience , and so create a new source of attraction for our town  .



All within a spirit of sharing and meeting together , the Salon Greeters wish to welcome and benevolently accompany tourists for a visit which is “off the beaten track” ,  an unusual discovery of the town and its myriad of curiosities .


The themes of the tours embrace all types of activity  :  art , shopping , gastronomy , nature etc  .   Each tour is unique  ,  put together to suit the tastes and interests of the visitors , and also according to their interaction with the Greeter .





The Greeters are over 18 and live and/or work in Salon-de-Provence  .


Their prime motivation  is  to welcome visitors to their town and show them their “spots” , classic or more unusual , of Salon-de-Provence  .


The Greeter is not a conference-type guide , dedicating a tour to relating facts and details on the historical heritage of the town .   Of course , this can form the basis of the visit but the Greeter remains a “story teller ” of Salon-de-Provence , sharing and exchanging his own vision and experience of the town ,  all supported by suitable anecdotes .





They can be families , groups of friends , couples , people on their own , here on holiday or for business reasons , or even just recently settled in our town .


The number of people composing a tour with a Greeter cannot exceed 6 persons .


A child must always be accompanied by an adult .   In the case of tours with several children therein , the group must include at least 2 persons of adult age .





Requests for a tour must be received at the Tourist Office at least 4 working days before arrival in Salon-de-Provence .   This can only be done on the on-line form which can be found on the appropriate internet website .


Each visitor or group of visitors must fill in the questionnaire in which he describes his interests (arts , environment , sports , etc) and what he wishes to discover during the course of his stay :  be immersed in the life of a specific district , get to know the parks and gardens of the town , discover local food/drink and all the artisan side .


The visitor can also state his preferences as to the type of Greeter that corresponds to his expectations ,  but there is no guarantee that that sort of request can be met .


The Tourism Office does the final matching.


The designated Greeter then makes contact with the visitor(s) and settle all the arrangements for the visit .  The meeting place will need to be chosen in function of the tour itinerary and be easy to find .





The tour lasts for approximately 1h30 , but it can go on a little longer , in as much as both Greeter and visitor(s) are in agreement .


Meeting with a Greeter is entirely free for the visitor and the Greeter is to accept no tip nor any other kind of compensation .  If expenses come about  (eg drinks in a café , public transport tickets ,  museum of other entry tickets , etc) , each person pays for his own expenses .   The Greeter is under no obligation whatsoever to pay for any visitor(s) expenses and vice versa .


The Toursit Office can arbitrarily make up a group of different visitors , who would not know each other prior to the visit but would have made the same type of request and for the same date .


If ever car usage becomes necessary , the Greeter and visitor(s) each use their respective vehicle .





The visitor is made aware of the conditions put over in this Charter and is deemed to respect them .   In the case of lateness or cancellation , the visitor has to notify the Greeter directly , as well as the Toursit Office .  In the opposite case , the tour is cancelled automatically after a lapse of 15 minutes .   The visitor is expected to respect the usual local regulations , such as the highway code , access to authorised places (without danger) etc  .


The visitor has to be covered by his own civil responsbility type of insurance .


Under no circumstances  can the responsiblity of the Salon-de-Provence Tourist Office or that of the Greeter be engaged for any incident , mishap , discrepancy or litigation not resulting by the direct fault of the Tourist Office or Greeter